9 Ingredients for Flexible, Healthy Recipes

hey guys and welcome back to my channelor if you’re new i’m lisa and today weare talking meal prep now i’m a big fanof meal prep because when it comes tohealthy eating there’s one strategy thatworks time and again and that’s planningahead but i probably do meal prep alittle bit different than most becauseinstead of prepping the same meal forfive days of the week i prep individualingredientsthis still saves me heaps of time in thekitchen but gives me far more variety in
know about you but i’d get a littlebored eating the same thing for fivedays in a row so today i’m going to showyou nine ingredients that you can meal prep in under two hours on a Sunday with plenty of ingredients prepped in your fridge all it takes is a littlecreativity to combine them with freshproduce or items that you have in yourpantry for healthy meals that take lessthan five minutes to make and if you domeal prep this way you’ll have greaternutrient variety your tummy will be
kitchenand i think that’s a winning combinationso let’s dive in and i’ll show you whati’ve meal prepped this weekto make meal prep as efficient aspossible i always recommend a littleplanning before you get startedthis includes getting all of youringredients out and ready and jottingdown a few notes like what you plan tomake any appliances you’ll need and howlong it will take to prepare or cookonce you’ve written your notes you’ll be
or which you can work on simultaneouslyroasted vegetables are one of myfavorite meal prep ingredients becauseit’s so easy to toss a bunch of veggiesonto a baking tray and cook themtoday i’m roasting broccoli brusselssprouts and red onion with a little bitof fresh garlic but it’s so easy tochange up the veggies based on what’s inseasonmy tip when it comes to roastingvegetables is to choose those that takeabout the same amount of time to cook
and mushrooms all take about 25 minutesin a 425 degree fahrenheit ovenand carrots beets potatoes and butternutsquash all take about 45 minutes soyou’d want to keep those vegetables ondifferent traysonce everything is sliced into evenlysized pieces drizzle with a little oliveoil or avocado oil and season with saltand pepper and give it a good tossyou could do this in a bowl or directlyon the baking trayjust make sure that once the veggies are
layer with no overlap and then set themasidenext we’re going to make some sweetpotato toast and while sweet potatotoast got a bunch of buzz a few yearsago i still haven’t stopped making itnot only is it a great gluten-free toastalternative but it’s a great way tosneak more veggies into your diet whichi’m always a fan ofto make the toast slices you can useeither a mandolin or a chef’s knife amandolin will keep the slices even at
use the chef’s knife you can make them alittle bit thicker it’s just personalpreferenceonce you’ve got all of your sweet potatoslices add them to a parchment-linedbaking trayyou can cook these dry or with a littlebit of olive oil or avocado oil and ipersonally like them with a little bitof oil so that’s what i’m doing todayand once you’ve got both sides coatedjust set this tray aside as welli always have some type of protein every
chicken with herbsi’d say this is one of my go-to’s whenit comes to an easy chicken recipe and imake it a few times a monthnow i’m just baking two chicken breastsas i’m one person but you can of coursedouble or triple this for a family soyou’ll coat both sides of the chickenwith avocado oil and season with saltand peppersprinkle on your favorite herbs andspices and i’m using a mix of basilparsley thyme rosemary and garlic powder
need a little spice inspiration makesure to watch my spice drawerorganization video where you can see allof my spiceswhile those items are cooking i’ll beginthe stovetop ingredients and thatincludes the white rice and hard boiledeggs or in my case slightly soft boiledeggsin terms of a starch or grain i’m makingwhite rice today because that alwaysdoes better with my digestion but youcould also make brown rice quinoa
grains and the great thing is that youcan switch it up every single weekat the same time my rice is cooking i’llheat up another pot of water to boilsome eggsbut before i do that i’ll check on theitems in the oven and give my sweetpotato toast a flipthe chicken should be done by now andi’ll use an instant read thermometer todouble checkif it is i’ll remove it and let it restand add the tray of broccoli and
so the way i cook eggs is to boil thewater first then place the eggs in andset a timer immediately when they’veentered the water i find this methodalways produces the most consistentlyperfect eggs rather than bringing a coldpot of water to a boil with the eggsalready in the watermy favorite eggs are six and a halfminute eggs or what you might call jammyeggs but if you like them harder orsofter feel free to adjust the timethe key with meal prepping eggs though
that once you remove the eggs from thepot you can submerge them in the icewater to instantly stop them fromcookingat this point my rice is just about doneso i’ll turn off the heat fluff it upand let it cool down a bitwhen the eggs are done transfer them tothe ice water bath and let them cool aswell[Music]for the chicken you can leave it wholeor cut it up into slices or cubes
want to make this week i’ll slice it upright now again saving me time later inthe weekthen i’ll place the chicken into a glasslock storage container and these are myfavorite meal prep containers as they’reglass and spill proofthen i’ll transfer the white rice to acontainer as well[Music]you can peel the eggs now or leave themfor later but i’d recommend peeling themnow so all you have to do is grab one
recipe and i’m storing these in a roundglass lot container[Music]by the time all that’s done our roastedveggies and sweet potato are also doneso transfer those items to storagecontainers as wellyou do want to let the sweet potatofully cool before transferring to thecontainer as it will have quite a bit ofmoisture and you don’t want it to gettoo soggyi add a paper towel to absorb any excess
matter is that these toasts will be softwhen you reheat them and i’m okay withthati should also note that my paper towelsare unbleached and don’t contain anydyes inks or fragrances which i think isimportant when using them with foodwe’ve prepped veggies protein and agrain but i think it’s also important tomeal prep some spreads snacks anddressingsso today i’m going to make two items inmy vitamix
hummus and i’ve shown you both of thesebeforefor the almond butter it’s as easy asroasting four cups of almonds for 10minutes letting them cool then blendingon high for one minuteif you do that you’ll have ultra creamyand smooth homemade almond butterhomemade hummus is just as easy ashomemade almond butter and i’m obsessedwith this hummus recipeit tastes so much better than anythingyou can buy in the store and it has a
both this recipe and the almond butterrecipe have their own videos so if you’dlike to see the process in more detailmake sure to watch those and i’ll linkthem in the blog post belowone of my favorite things to scoop uphummus with is celery and carrot sticksand it’s so much more efficient to chopa bunch of celery and carrots in onesitting rather than to cut and cleanthem as needed throughout the weekthe good news is that if you store themin a jar with fresh cold water they’ll
if not longer and because you can easilysee them in the fridge you’ll be morelikely to grab them when you need aquick healthy snack rather than thatcookie you might be cravinglast on our list is an ingredient youprobably know by now is one of myfavorites and that’s zucchini noodleszucchini noodles are so versatile andcan be used as a main dish with abolognese sauce or as a salad with alight cucumber saucethey’ll also stay fresh for up to five
and because they are 95 water i line thebottom of this glass lock container witha paper towel just to absorb any extramoisturealright so now that you have these nineingredients prepped let me give you afew ideas of what you can make in lessthan five minutes by combining them withitems you likely already have in yourfridge or pantryfor breakfast or a snack peel one bananaand cut it in halfthen slather on some of your homemade
of dried fruit nuts or seedstoday i’m adding cranberries sliveredalmonds and a sprinkle of chia seeds fora snack that totally hits the spot[Music]next up is sweet potato toast and thiscan be breakfast or lunch for mejust pop the sweet potato slices in yourtoaster to warm them up and while that’shappening you can slice an avocado and aradish and grab some baby spinach andmicro greens from your fridgethen just layer it up and top it with a
[Music]next up i have a simple and quickbreakfast saladjust add baby spinach to a bowl and topthat with slices of tomato and avocadoone of your soft boiled eggs and a fewslices of prosciuttoyou can keep it simple like this orspruce it up with some nuts hemp seedsor a variety of other ingredientsand i usually just drizzle it with alittle olive oil and balsamic vinegar[Music]
the day your jar of fresh carrots andcelery will be staring back at you sograb those and enjoy your healthy hummussnackfor lunch or dinner you can make achicken macro bowljust add several of the ingredientsyou’ve already prepped into a bowltogether like the white rice and roastedvegetables along with some fresh babyspinachi’ll also take two slices of my sweetpotato toast and quickly dice those up
[Music]because the chicken is already slicedyou can easily add as much as you’d likethen finish the bowl off with a bigdollop of homemade hummus[Music]for a simple dinner idea you could addthe chicken roasted veggies and whiterice to a plate before heating it upthis is your traditional protein veggiestarch meal it is about as easy and nofuss as it gets but still packed withflavor
for another dinner idea that takes lessthan five minutes heat up a little oliveoil in a pan with minced garlicadd a few handfuls of baby spinach andlet that wilt down for a minute or twothen add some zucchini noodles and tossit all together to warm the noodles up[Music]you can keep it vegetarian like this orif you’d like more protein just dice upsome of your chicken and add it to thesaute panbefore serving i like to add a little
cracked black pepperand just look at how gorgeous this turnsout[Music]so that’s my step-by-step meal prepprocess and what i usually do on sundaysthe items i prep do change with theseasons so if you like to this video andyou’d like to see more meal prep videosin the future make sure to give thisvideo a thumbs up and let me know in thecomments belowall right that’s it for me this week we

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