Don’t Let “Quarantine 15” Weigh You Down

While all industries have been affected by COVID-19, some bear the brunt of the downturn more than others. With health and wellness facilities taking a huge hit due to nationwide business shutdowns, many people have lost their way physically and mentally.

While it may seem insignificant, the way we feel about ourselves will always be at the forefront of our minds. The terrifying “quarantine 15” has become a hot topic of conversation in the world of social media. Some seemed to be joking about the prospect of gaining weight while hibernating with their favorite bottle of wine and generously salted chips; others seemed more harmful. Unfortunately, societal pressures and standards responsible for making men and women think their bodies aren’t good enough are everywhere. Not to mention the never-ending pandemic that has added to their overall stress and unhappiness.

Body Positivity: A Mindset

While “quarantine 15” weight gain is completely normal, it doesn’t have to consume you nor is it something you should feel ashamed of. No matter what rollercoaster of emotions you may be experiencing, now is the time to make yourself a priority. If you’re feeling down or in search of some positive vibes, these 5 simple tips will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to the “Quarantine 15” blues and kickstart your self-love journey now!

Body Positivity

1. Meditate On Your Purpose

Dedicating a few minutes each day to mediate will better help you get in tune with your emotions and ultimately help you get to know yourself better. The more you know yourself in any regard, the more respect you’ll have for yourself and the more successful you will be in the future. Find a quiet place away from all noises and distractions, set a time that’s convenient for you, and channel your inner zen!

2. Journal Out Your Thoughts

Perhaps it’s time to take a step back, breathe, and reflect. Whether you’ve stepped away from your daily record for a while, or for those sitting on the fence, journaling provides an opportunity for positive self-talk. It will help you create order when your world feels out of control. Attempt to get into a routine of writing everyday and jot down whatever feels right (even if it was discussing the fiery and energetic mood you were in after a Jillan Michaels’ 30-Day Shred workout video). Adopt a mantra (or two) that you can abide by and  look back on whenever you need a kind reminder. Tell yourself “I am enough” or “I look beautiful. I am beautiful. I don’t feel it all the time, but I am still beautiful.” Treat your journal like it’s your own private place to discuss. There are no rules when it comes to loving yourself and listing all the fabulous qualities (and even the not-so fabulous qualities) that make you YOU!

Quarantine 15 Body Positivity

3. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others, or striving to look and feel a certain way, is a recipe for unhappiness! Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have curves and others have scars. Some have stretch marks or cellulite, “too much” muscle, and probably hair in places that are “frowned upon” according to societal standards. But one thing that is certain: focusing on your imperfections is exhausting! Your body is the only body you get, so treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Stop scrolling through your Insta feed, enjoy that late light pizza, and don’t punish yourself for letting your body rest. Those 5-10 pounds are your favorite memories, your unforgettable trips, your celebrations of life and you giving your body what it needs. Don’t let “slip-ups” get you down and do what makes YOU happy!

4. Stick To Your Schedule, Even In Small Ways

Don’t have time to do a full workout? Just squat.

Don’t have time to make an extravagant breakfast? Whip up your favorite protein shake to-go.

Don’t have time to meditate? Take 15 seconds to breathe.

Don’t have time for a vacay? Give yourself a self-care day and get that deep tissue massage you deserve.

Individually, these behaviors seem pretty insignificant. But it’s not the individual impact that makes a difference. It’s the cumulative impact of always sticking to your schedule that will carry you to long–term success. Find a way to stick to your own self-care schedule, no matter how small it is. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

5. Enjoy The Benefits

While you may feel that your wardrobe has been completely cut in half thanks to the “quarantine 15” fluff around your belly, I come to tell you that there is a silver lining. This temporary issue can lead you to become a lot more crafty with what’s hanging in your closet. You may come to discover unworn pieces, become a master of layering, or even learn how to accentuate your assets and hide your problem areas. Who doesn’t love a good illusion? It may take some time, but you WILL learn how to be confident in your own skin again!

Quarantine 15 Body Positivity

Obviously, you don’t have to love your body, but accepting it for the amazing things it does for you is more important than how it looks. Don’t let self-doubt from the “quarantine 15” dictate your day / week / month. Keep these friendly reminders in your back pocket for when self-doubt, or the “quarantine scaries” creep in. And remember, you’re not alone! You’ve got this, babe!

What are you currently doing to stay body and mind positive after your own personal “quarantine 15?” We’d love to hear from you! 

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