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Hey health nuts welcome back to healthnut nutrition my name is Nicole if you’re new here today we are doing another five minute recipe. Video basically I did a few months ago I did a breakfast one I did four five minute breakfast recipes and you guys really seem to like it. I’ll link that one down below for you guys to check out so I thought it would be really fun to do a dinner and dessert. But since lunch is the next meal of the day after breakfast I thought we would do that one second so today’s video we are making some delicious recipes that I make all the time. When I’m busy at home busy with work or filming and I just don’t have alot of time to whip something up. These are easy 5-minute meals that I know you guys will love and perfect to even prepahead in the morning or the night before so you can take with you to work and/or school. Because I know not everyone works from home and these are just really easy nourishing lunches that are gonna keep you full and happy until dinner time. So let’s hop right in and I’ll share with you guys before recipes that we will be making the first recipe we’re going to be making is my chicken pineapple salad in a bowl. You’re gonna start by adding some baby kale you can really use any greens that you have in the fridge. Next I’m just gonna kind of throw on my veggies I love having pre chopped veggies in the fridge to have on hand. So I have some chopped red cabbage celery cucumber and then I have some leftover chicken that I already cooked during my Sunday meal prep they just kind of cubed up and it’s perfect for adding into any meals. Especially for salads to add some extra protein and then what gives this salad the Hawaiian Flair is some fresh pineapple. I love adding fresh fruit into a salad it just adds a really nice burst of flavor and for some crunch I’m adding in some pumpkin seeds. Now for the dressing when and I just dressed the salad right on top so I have some olive oil and applecider vinegar as well as a little pinch of sea salt and black pepper. There you have it that’s how easy it is to put together a salad that’s both delicious and beautiful and you’ll actually want to eat it healthy lunch.

Number two is my Greek chickpea chopped salad for this salad we’re gonna start off with a base of romaine chopped lettuce. I really like to switch up mygreens throughout the week and not adding into some canned chickpeas I always love having some canned beans on hand just to easily add some fiber and protein into my meals. I also have some red onion cucumber tomato basically all the essentials for a Greek salad and then of course you can’t forget the olives and Portuguese and could basically eat a bowl olives for lunch if I wanted to so same thing for this dressing we’re keeping it really simple I have some good quality olive oil that I’m just lemon juice and then for seasoning¬† Ijust have some Italian seasoning. I find it has similar spices in it to Greek but you can just use whatever seasoning you have and then a good pinch of salt and pepper. This Greek salad has a nice crunch to it and just has some really simple bright flavors that I think just all complement each other.

Next up we have another Bowl apparently I love bowls for lunch we have a Mexican quinoa bowl so for the base we’re actually doing protein fiber and I just think it goes really well with all the resting redients on the side. I’m gonna add in some black beans also from the can like to keep it super easy and simple especially when you’re trying to make a meal in five minutes add in some ripe avocado for healthy fats. One soft-boiled egg that I also made ahead of time during my Sunday meal prep I’m dressing it with a little olive oil and somefresh lime juice and then all my eggs in avocado I’m just adding on a pinch of in the middle a nice scoop of your favorite medium salsa and then just to make it fun and add some crunch I have some corn tortillas. Just on the side think of this as a deconstructed taco with quinoa as your base perfect for Taco Tuesdays

Last but not least we have possibly my favorite out of the four is my mashed salmon avocado Tartine in a bowl. I just have some mashed up wild salmon from a can you want to make sure to look fo rthe ones without bones or skin. I’m love this new little gadget one of you guys told me to get it for ginger I love it. It’s also great for garlic I will link it down below a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper a scoop of your favorite mayonnaise. I personally like the soy free vegenaise but there are some really good options out there. I will link some of my favorite on my blog link will be in the info box and then to add some extra freshness and flavor to the salad. I’m gonna throw in some freshly chopped basil mash it all up aside while we prepare the base. Okay so for the base of this Tartine I have two slices of toasted sour dough bread then Ihave some slices of ripe avocado that I’m just gonna lightly mash on top before I layer everything else. I like to season it with a little salt and pepper to get in some extra greens I like to smooth some baby spinach into the layers. You can hardly tell it’s there and it just adds a nice freshness to the toast I also find that baby spinach has a nice buttery texture to it. That goes really your toast is ready to top with your salmon salad this combination is so mouth-watering I know you guys are gonna love it all the flavors just work really well together I make this all the time when we’re busy filming or I just need a really quick lunch. It’s quick and easy to pu ttogether in five simple minutes and there you have it four 5-minute lunches that are gonna get you through the week. Monday through Friday there you have it four five minutes easy lunches that you on a weekend. When you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking I have the avocado and salmon toastie here with spinach it is so good possibly my favorite one I’m gonna take a little taste-test bite hmm look at the layers. I would love to know which one out of the four is your favorite so leave me a comment down below and give this video a thumbs up. If you like these five minute meal style videos because I will definitely do a dinner and dessert one if you like them.

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