Friday Faves

Hey hey and happy Friday!

While I was planning my grocery list for making my favorite first-of-fall soup, millions were losing their minds that Facebook and Instagram were offline this past week. Refresh. Refresh! REFRESH! Why isn’t it coming up? Re-frigging-fresh! My voyeuristic pursuits are waning!

With whistleblowers, bad press, and more, the timing def seemed odd. Karma? Maybe. A lesson to all? Hopefully.

Maybe this outage wasn’t anything nefarious, but really just the universe speaking to us, proof that Mercury retrograde is real, and that along with how the astronomical phenomenon affects technology and communication, maybe our relationship with social media is out of balance, too. Maybe? Eventually everything returned to normal. But I couldn’t help but wonder…this mishap could have given millions of users a good look in the mirror, to see how many times they mindless go to the apps, over and over again each day, and realize just how addicted they are.

So, how did you spend those extra hours while Instagram and Facebook were down? Were you relieved because you were super productive, or were you more like this? If you only dared to admit…

Well, whether you want it or not, everything is back up and running now. Let’s see if moving forward we learned anything from our forced digital detox. And don’t forget, to drop a like.

But first, on to this week’s Friday Faves.

She is so good at impersonating celebs, and def on her way to being a star. Her Meryl Streep is scarily on point.


This impersonation of Keira Knightley on moving day is pretty dang funny.

I totally thought this ice cream flavor was a joke! Would you eat it?

This is one of my favorite retro boxed dishes I actually make from scratch. SO GOOD.


I use to eat this straight from the can, all of the time as a kid. Now I can make it homemade too.

This recipe is the number one reason we should all be making coffee cake. And naturally, eat with coffee.

These donuts would also be amazing with coffee. Do I smell a weekend baking project?

This noodle soup looks pretty dang amazing, and will broaden your boundaries.


The toppings on this potato soup give it some seriously savory crunch.

This beefy stir fry looks way better than takeout.

All the pumpkin:


The best new fall items at Trader Joe’s. Okay, that pumpkin alfredo sauce would be SO GOOD with my browned butter ravioli. Date night pasta, anyone?

If you were wondering, here are the 50 best restaurants in the world (for 2021). I haven’t been to any of these, but my wanderlust is in full effect.


How to split a check, and not make it awkward.

5 interior designers share their own personal style at home.

Do you take milk and sugar? I want.

This sale makes it perfectly reasonable to stock up on holiday stemware. Cheers to you!

This small vase is on sale, and perfect for the single bloom.

If you love spooky season, you’ll definitely want to check out the 40 best Halloween movies to watch this October.

Speaking of Halloween…how cute are these cookies?

11 sneakers to wear now.

I need this for my husband, and for me too: Tips to save yourself from snoring.

And with that, GOODNIGHT! Have a great weekend.

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