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Some of the best street food I’ve ever eaten was in one of those little markets was filled with smells of delicious food that all centered around an Asian staple noodle. Learn to cook those properly and you’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to knock up a delicious dinner. First off, we’re going to soak our noodles now these are rice noodles into a bowl and just pour the hot water over the rice noodles.
12 to 15 Minutes to soften up if you’ve got a wok perfect if not just a normal size frying pan with big sloping sides pan on get it nice and hot. Chicken breast very lean hardly any fat on them. You’ve got this little fillet to slice that off now the secret to getting it nice and thin and to cut it into strips. Take your knife keep it nice and flat on the board and sort of slice it in half. Like a sort of
like that we call this butterfly. In the chicken take a rolling pin and nice and gently roll over the chicken what it does it sort of flatten it allows you to slice it even thinner and the thinner the slices of the chicken the sort of crisper it gets. The quicker it cooks slice it in half start slicing these nice
chicken breast can serve two or three easily. Next wash your knife and finely slice garlic the thinner the garlic the crispier this is a young tender broccoli just slice them down. I want a bite to the broccoli and normally you sort of paste the dish.

Vegetables and one-third of your protein chicken with a dish that takes literally minutes to put together. It’s really important to get everything organized everything needs to be at your fingertips touch of olive oil get a pan really nice and ready just starting to smoke drop the chicken in. First open those little strands of chicken nice once you’ve started to sear off the chicken get the garlic in now. Let that get really nice and crispy. The way to do it is to sort of spread all the chicken and the garlic up the side of the pan. Can see why it’s so important to cut the chicken thin strips because it colors and cooks at the same time. As well really crucial and crispy broccoli in feels strange putting raw broccoli in like that normally we’ll blanch it in boiling water dry it out. But you want that crunch now soy sauce that helps to season it but also stains beautifully soy sauce in lovely it’s exactly what I want now. take that out give you a pan a little wipe out a little teaspoon of olive oil get that really nicely oiled.

Again drain your noodles they’re beautiful. This is a really exciting way off in I shing this quick stir fry very classic. Two eggs in whisk up the eggs and give that a really good whisk sort of almost
at the side of the pan. Lightly season the eggs noodles in chicken and broccoli in and give that a really nice mix. You want the egg to sort of almost bring the dish together that egg’s cooked make sure you’ve got that nice even.

Chicken broccoli garlic lovely and then just finish that fresh lime and then you have a very simple delicious stir-fry with rice noodles. Making your enoki is so simple to do yet the results are absolutely stunning and it’s a great way of using up left over baked potatoes.

Eggs however the potato gives it a nice light sort of creamy fluffy texture cut them in half take your spoon and scoop the inside of those potatoes. I’m using leftover baked potatoes, but this really works as well with leftover ball potatoes two choices. You can get a fork and sort of mash the potato and get it nice and light and fluffy. This little gadget is called a ricer I suppose it’s a posh word.

You can see how nice and light it is almost like fluffy little strands of potato you can do this when the potatoes are hot it’ll go through the rice so much quicker just slice that off.  There now a nice spoon of okata ring a little touch of salt and pepper. It’s really important to season the mixture as we go along otherwise the Nokia becomes really flour over the ricotta sieve so there’s no lumps. One delicious egg give that a little whisk now makes a little well in the center you want a nice soft pliable ball of dough. Give that a really good mix get some thyme flowers. In there and this time is light fragrant and it’s just a really nice herb and with the ricotta. Tips the time flowers next flour your hands generously and knead the mixture into a dough. Fold in and push and basically what it’s doing is get it nice and smooth as it starts to get a little bit wet and just add a little touch of flour. We want something really nice and soft now don’t overwork it. It stops the Nokia from expanding when it hits the pan. That’s exactly what I want a nice sort of soft lightly flour. The hands and just roll it gently just think of a big long cigar the mixture will start getting a little bit sort of wetter. But do not add lots of flour now lightly flour the knife so when you slice the gnocchi it doesn’t stick. Cut the dough into bite-sized pieces just take your finger dip it in the flour and push down. Why I want my and for me the most important part there is that not one of them are identically the same. Shape water on bring up to the boil little touch of olive oil in there lightly flour your hand. Lift up the Nokia into the rolling boiling water. Turn that pan to stop them from sticking at the bottom and let them simmer and they start to sort of tell you they’re cooked when they start floating.

Get that nice and hot now they’re just starting to come up to the top and you can continue cooking them like that. I like blanching them in the water taking them out and then frying them to study the gnocchi heat olive oil in a frying pan gently lift up and look they’ve doubled in size. Drain it get rid of the excess water and straight in to the hot pan. This is where they start to take on a
sauteed texture on the outside. Nokia loves fresh pepper so pepper in and you see as I start turning them. Got this really nice little sort of brown color and they’re almost popping up now like little parcels.

So I want them nice and sauteed both sides but light and creamy in the center.
In and the butter gives it a really nice sort of Bernoulli flavor on the end beautiful. Put a little bit of fresh thyme over the peas and then finally I want to lift it up. Fresh lemon zest the lemon over so smells incredible and then finally seal the deal.

With a your veg some attitude and you’ll get amazingly elegant dishes on a budget that are always guaranteed to impress. What more do you want from great cooking cheap? To make easy to cook and absolutely stunning for me. Food always has to be impressive but when it comes to desserts often you see spun sugar or wild decorations remember simple is always the most impressive. This cheesecake is so straightforward yet so delicious. For five or ten minutes go nice and soft trust me your arms will be thanking you. Sugar in this cheesecake is new York cheesecake because it’s baked. It says no base start creaming the cheese and the sugar. Spending the amount of time I do in the states if there’s one thing they know how to do out there is the most amazing impressive cheesecake rich delicious but so simple.

Work the bowl lift the bowl to your advantage whisk, whisk, whisk, lovely nice and creamy now get your eggs add the eggs to the mixture bit by bit. Doing it this way it’s more efficient hey you’re incorporating a lot of air the mixture doesn’t separate the last of your egg. Lovely of course. You can use electric mixer but cheesecake a day a cheesecake a day keep the bingo wings away. Now a couple of tablespoons of flour give it a whisk stop something going lumpy. Now I want to scent that cheesecake I’ve got the freshness zest the lemon in there. I want to sort of tart it up even more fold in some fresh raspberries. So just mix them through be careful to crush them then grease a cake tin with butter.

This beautifully get your mix. Let that fall in now take your cake tin and just tap it. The mixture hits the bottom of the cake tin the raspberries rise and you’ve got raspberries the top the middle and the bottom. It also stops all those little pockets of air trapping underneath the mixture in the cake tin. There are no holes in the cheesecake now. Into the oven 180 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.
Slightly shuffled up pull off that’s the color I wanted on top and look at it. It’s one of the simplest yet the most stylish cheesecakes anywhere beautiful you.

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