How to look curvy and toned?

How to look curvy and toned?

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Every girl dreams of the perfect hourglass figure but the saddening truth is that it is the rarest kind of figure. About 8.4% of women have been bestowed with a perfect hourglass figure. Now don’t lose hope as help is on your way! You can follow healthy eating with the right workouts (and a few tricks!) to make your figure look like a perfect hourglass.

How to look curvy and toned?

Get your body type determined

There are four basic body types namely:

If your body shape is rectangular your shoulders, bust, waistline, and hips are almost of the same size.

The hour-glass like figure!

It can be your body shape if your lower body is larger than the upper portion of your body.

Also the inverted triangle shape, it is the one when your shoulders are wider than your hips.

The kind of workouts needed for each one is quite different.

Workout based on your body shape

Hourglass Shape:

Yes, even if you are lucky to have this shape you need to work out! You need to do very few workouts to tone and tighten your body. Also 3-4 times a week you need to do full body fat loss circuits. Circuit training uses high-intensity aerobics and is a form of resistance training. Completing one circuit means completing all given exercises in the program.

Rectangle Shape:

Now this shape needs a curvier bottom and smaller waist to look like an hourglass figure. For that you need to do lots of workout for your lower body and a few fat loss workouts for the complete body per week. Along with that you need to club 1-2 core and upper body workouts per week.

Cone Shaped:

You need to work on your lower body clubbed with full body fat loss. To tone up the upper body you need to do upper body workouts and also core workouts. It is most difficult to convert a cone shaped body to a curvy one but you can if you are focused.

Pyramid Shaped:

For such a body to be transformed to an hourglass figure you need to work every week on your abs clubbed with full body and lower body fat loss exercises. You need to lose extra fat and the lower half needs to be toned up.

Nutrition for a toned and curvy body

Eight decades ago the average body shape of women was the hourglass shape. Surprising right? What has happened now? Well the credit goes to the all the processed food consumed by us.

Also, nowadays food has carbs, fat and proteins but lacks micronutrients. ‘Micronutrient’ means vitamins and minerals. Such food is depleted of the essential nutrients that are needed by the body to have a healthy body fat and weight. This kind of food is there everywhere. What can you do?

Tip 1: Go in for least processed food. Your options can be organic, pesticide free,grass fed dairy, hormone free that is preferably local.

Tip 2: Avoid crash dieting. Stop consuming alcohol and caffeine, say no to smoking. Reduce the consumption of high fructose corn syrup. Don’t overstrain at the gym. Try reducing your stress levels. Don’t cook too much in the microwave.

Why am I pin-pointing at all this? I am doing so because all above mentioned things tend to further drain your nutrients.

Tip 3: Go for natural supplements that can be added to your power shakes instead of adding chemical weight loss supplements. They should benefit your body and not harm the system. It should have vitamins and minerals. It would be better if it has antioxidants and pro-biotic properties too.

Prepare your mind

Now, after covering the workout and nutrition part, I am coming to the most important part and that is the mind. If your thoughts about getting a dream like figure are negative, so will be your results. Constantly feed your mind with positive images and thoughts. Ultimately the real motivation comes from within.

Stay curvy and toned!!

So are you planning to look curvy and toned according to your body shape?

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