Lenora lost 170 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Lenora lost 170 pounds by walking and switching up her eating habits. After her son was teased about her size by classmates, she decided it was time to take action. She did her research and took practical steps to overcome stress eating/overeating. She also shared that her brother partnered with her on this journey, and they motivated each other.

My name is Lenora, and I am 46 years old. I started my weight loss journey in 2003. At that time, I weighed 360 pounds at 5’5″. I also wore a size 28W. Now, I weigh 190 pounds, and I am building muscle and toning. (I was down to 186 pounds). 

I did not have weight loss surgery or take any pills or miracle drinks. I did this 100 percent naturally.

It all started after I had my last child. I am a mother of three beautiful children – one son, age 26, and two daughters, ages 22 and 21. I come from a family line that is thick and very hippie. Nevertheless, I was eating (or shall I say overeating) due to comfortability and stress. 

One day, I went to visit my son in pre-school during recess. My son was so happy to see me, but to my surprise, this was the day that I would start my weight loss journey. When my son came home that day, he was in tears. He told me that he didn’t want me to come back to school anymore. I said, “Why?” He said that all the other children picked on him because his mom was too big to run and play with him. That tore me to pieces.

My dad, whom I love and miss so much, has been gone 11 years this year. However, at the time, he looked at me and said, “Baby Girl, this is not the baby I raised, nor is this the woman you are.” He went on to say, “You are entirely too big, and you’ve got to get a hold of yourself before we lose you!” When my dad said that, and I thought about my son, my heart wept!

So I began to do what I needed to do. I opened my mind, heart, and soul to Christ, asking for help to do this. I truly cut back on several things and began researching and doing what was right in terms of nutrition.

I changed my eating habits by becoming a pescatarian. I stopped eating fried food and stopped eating late. In addition, I cut out acidic foods, sugars (including artificial sugars), and sodas. Also, I fixed my plate as I would normally do, but I have reduced my portion sizes. 

My exercise routine was walking 5 to 6 miles. I walked at 5 am, lunchtime, and when I got home. I trained my mind with my body. 

All of this has now become a lifestyle for me. I never went back to my old eating habits. I kept going, and I’ve dropped over 100 pounds within a year. No, it wasn’t easy. It was HARD. I had setbacks, but I never fell back. I am an overcomer. 

My best motivation/motivator was my son, but the solid person was my brother. He was also overweight, and we did it together. We held each other accountable, and we are each other’s motivators to this day. 

Today, I am a plant-based Vegan. I’ve been a vegan now for seven years. In my 13 years on this journey, I only regained 45 pounds but have lost that. As I said, I am now down to 190 pounds. 

My advice to my Queens/Sisters: A mind change leads to a lifestyle change. Stop looking at losing weight as a diet, a challenge, or a way to get sexy. It is important that you love yourself enough to be healthy and please yourself, no matter what anyone else says. It’s a lifestyle change that takes consistency, accountability, and perseverance. You put all three together, and you are an OVERCOMER of all things!

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