My Favorite Breakfast: Tamago Gohan (Its Like Japanese Carbonara. Sorta.) | Kenjis Cooking Show

Hey everyone it’s kenji it’s the morning again and we’re going to make some tamago kakeum or tamagoko just tamago gomez my my grandmother called it  tomatoes egg gohan is rice so we’ve got some rice here it says day old rice that’s been in the fridge I’m actually a few days old we we’rejust gonna put some in a bowl this isone of my very favorite breakfastsuh growing up andnow one of my daughter’s favorite
rice and soy sauce which is what this isalright so rice in the bowlwe’re gonna microwave itfor one minuteyou know i’m gonna go grab some soysauceso the soy sauce we use for this isusukuchi soy sauce solightjapanese soy sauce you could use shoyuor like chinese soy sauce if you want toswallow itlight japanese soy sauce is a little
and a littleheavier in flavor than regular shoyu isand meanwhile we’re also going to takeone eggand separate iti’ll show you why later this is we’redoing the sort of extra decadent versionof this of this dishor is this going to siti don’t know why my alarm is going offumthere isanother name for this dish actually the
going to say here becauseit’ll probablyget me demonetized because unfortunatelyit’s gone on tomean something different if you can be apornography industry anyhow we’re goingto take our eggbreak it right into our rice um so therice is quite hot nowwhich is sort of the key to this dishyou want the rice to be hot enough thatit sort of starts to cook the egg littlelittle pinch of salt
of msg i use about a quarter of theamount of msgs i would salt um and ofcourse you don’t have to use any msg atall if you don’t want to if you’reuncomfortable with itand a little drizzle of light soy sauceand that’s basically it now we’re goingtomix this all togetherand what we want to do is we want to mixit oh by the way if you don’t want toeat a completely raw egg this works finewith you know a very lightly poached egg
like a japanesehot spring egg what they put insometimes what they put intoramen where you cook it sous vide or ina very low temperaturepot of water for a while until it’s sortof just barely set that also worksreally well for here or you can usepasteurized eggs if you can get thoseand yeah you don’t have to eat a rug ifyou don’t want to so the idea is that wewant to whip thiswith chopsticks
like that and foamy you seeand that is basically it so now what i’mgoing to do herei like to make it in a big bowl andserve it in a small bowl i’ll makeanother portion of this because i’mhaving some too butthis one is my daughter so i just wantedto demonstrate what i’m going to do hereso now we’re going to take ourextra egg yolkput it right thereand you can serve it just like that or
nori on top or this is furikakewhich you can buy at any japanesegroceryit’s got dried bonito like which is umyou know dried skipjack tunanutty sesame seedsdehydrated egg a bunch of good stuffand that is thatall right tamagokake gohan oh yeah hereshopgo for itgohan for me my daughter andmy dog i’m gonna mix a little this in
and simpleall rightguys gals non-binary palace i will seeyou next time[Music]you

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