Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

The secret of a great hash brown are the potatoes I prefer using really nice waxy potatoes they cook better but more importantlyhold themselves togetherwe’re not gonna slice the onion all thepotatoes we’re actually gonna grate themthe potatoes get really nice and crispyi mean seriously crispy now the onionthat way you get that nice balance ofthat onion flavor running throughevery little shard of potatoseason with salt pepper olive oil and km
and then squeeze all that water outand look at all that juice we squeezeout there really importantthe more liquid you remove the crispieryour hash browns will benice large pan put that on once thepan’s hotpour in a good glug of olive oil[Music]that sound confirms how important it isto have your pannice and hot so it sealsthe grated potato onion together so take
and just pat it down what we’re tryingto do now is get it really nice andcompactgo around the outside of the pan withlittle flecks of butteryou just slip them down the back gentlyand that gets the onions caramelisedhere’s a great tip for turning your hashbrowns overquick and easy take a plateplace it on top and justflip it over and then slide it back invery quickly you see the color
crispy texture of the potatoi’m going to use the hash brown as a bedfor my baked eggscrack in your eggs nice and gently justa little sprinklingof the cayenne to make the eggs a littlebit spicythen into a preheated oven for six toeight minutesmeanwhile onto my bacon and i’m givingit a classic american twistnow one thing i could never get my headaround when i first started eating lots
sweetness from the bacon i’ve grown upto love that combination of smoky sweetflavorsand it’s so easy pan on and simply oliveoilbrown sugar salt and pepper and butterbacon in and as it cooks it becomesirresistibly caramelized and goldenbrown10 for gas and my glazed baconabsolutely ready beautiful now my hashbrowns and baked eggsare ready wow look at that
underneath thereonto your plate and that bacon setsbeauty on top of the baked eggs and thathash brown underneath andyou can see why the best breakfasts inthe worldare always in americathis is an all-american superhero offerbreakfasteggs baked in hash browns with glazedbaconbirch muesli traditionally gets made thenight before and left in the fridge i
and slightly stodgy so it’s the sameprinciplesbut a lot lighter first thing theyoghurti think live and raw milk yogurt arebest they’re packed with calciumenzymes and probiotics which help yourbody absorb nutrientsit’s interesting because the kidsespecially would prefer their muesliwith milk but the yogurtso much better for them i like making itliterally
because it doesn’t become stodgyyoghurt in apple juice that’s a greatway of sweeteningthe muesli a couple of tablespoons ingive that little mix nowsprinkle in the oatsi like putting two thirds in now toabsorband almost double in size and the lastthirdof oats in at the end oats are low onthe glycemic indexwhich means they slowly release energy
i quite like it when it just falls offthe spoonyou can see literally in seconds it’sgot thickerthe rest of the oats inso i’ve got different textures now mixthat upnicely and it literally takes three orfour minutes to put togetherlet’s get a dry pan on almondsincredibly healthy toasting them evenbetter flavor flake them into the panlightly toast them that gives a really
crunch to the top of the muesliroll them around the pan so they’reevenly toastedout into a bowlthe exciting thing about putting yourown music together is that you’re incontrol blackberriessummer raspberries strawberries and soit changesberries don’t just taste great they’repacked with antioxidantsand vitamin c and k so just dotthe top of your muesli with your
blackberriessweetness tartness acidicand then just sprinkle overyour nice almonds i quite likea lot of crunch on top so be generousthat looks fantastic[Music]perfect way to start the daymy quick birch muesli doesn’t just tasteincredible it makes you feel fantasticit’s my ultimate healthy breakfast therereally is no better wayto start the day
about six years of age when mum broughtthis hugetray of eggy bread to the table and itwas like wowman we’ve died and gone to heaven startoff with a slightly stale bread four orfive day oldloaf left over if it’s a fresh breadthen it absorbs too much of the egg sotherefore it gets soggy you never get itfried and crispand if you’re not gonna use it withbreadcrumbs eggy bread is a must
lost loafnow eggy bread is great on its own butserving it with stewed applesis delicious so the secret here keepingthe skins onit’s a lot of flavor in the skin andalso it stops the apple from breakingdown too quicklythey get these nice chunks as opposed toa sort of apple pureenow get your pan nice and hot andsprinkle a couple of tablespoons ofsugar
it’s quite incredible how cheap it is tomake this and yet it was so fillingif you haven’t got apples this recipewill work pretty much with any fruityou’ve got indon’t be scared to mix a pear and anapple a banana and a pineapplejust chew it lightly toss in the caramelget a little knot of butter that makes anicetoffee apple flavor really simplenow you can see what’s happening theapples are caramelizing but they’re
appleand the caramels turn into this nicerich butterscotch sauceonce you’ve glazed all the apples acouple of tablespoons of water in therebring that bowl and let that cook outnow the eggsthree whole eggs[Music]whisk up the eggs add about fourtablespoons of milk you want theegg thick and rich and then lightlysprinkle in
sweetens upthe mixture and when you start fryingthe breadit caramelizes it beautifully a teaspoonofpowdered cinnamon that gives the breadthat really nice spicydeliciousness apples areglazing beautifully and put them on alow heatand get a pan on now for the bread ateaspoon of oiland stops the butter from burning butter
as that starts frothing get your breadinit’s going to be pretty quick now nowyou don’t leave the bread soaking[Music]and in the pan[Music]once your egg bread has browned flip itover90 seconds each side that butter givesthat nicegolden brown color of that eggbeautiful absolutely beautiful
it’s quite remarkable isn’t it a coupleof eggs splash of milk leftover applesand all of a sudden you’ve got thisstunning breakfast[Music]now my apples they’ve all glazedbeautifullyget a nice spoon of that amazing juiceand drizzle that overmmm wow if my mum saw me doing thisshe’d kill me you’re getting all poshagain no noi’m using a touch of iced sugar to make
and that for me takes me back to when iwas six years of ageand i thought i’d just won the lotterythat is incredible thank you brett[Music]you won’t get more breakfast for yourbuck my mum’s incredibly deliciouscinnamon eggy breadwith quick stewed applesyou think of the flavor and the textureof avocadorich phenomenal i want to make it alittle bit more vibrant
flakesi quite like it hot a touch of saltand a touch of pepper so that nice drycombination of the lemon zestblack sesame seeds and the heat fromchili this islight healthy quick but so tastysourdough bread three nice chunkythick slices open them up lightly seasonthemlittle touch of olive oil brings thewhole crust to lifeand rub all that seasoning in but you
chipotle you can use a baguette but therichness from the sourdough with thesilky creaminess of avocadois mind-blowing and then get the grillup to temperatureand push these down go the extra milewe’ve all put breadin a toaster but the difference ofgrilling the bread this wayis extraordinary that nice smokycharcoal flavoroff with the gas beautiful now theavocado
respect press on the end hereand your thumb softens you can tell thatavocado is ripe never press hereyou just end up bruising it slice downuntil you feel that stone in the middleand then justroll around and then it’s just a littlegentle twistoff stoneand out cut them into quarters the backof your knifepeel back that skin if the avocado isnice and ripe
just take your quarters fan them out andpush them into the breadthe ripe of the avocado the better theflavor but look for onesfree from soft spots and blemishes whichcan suggest bruisingget your lemon squeezethat will stop the avocado fromdiscoloring and then get yourcrunch ready to go on topsprinkle in a very generouslight way we’ve got the fragrance fromthe lemon zest
that little chili flakewhich just wakes up the avocado theylookexpensive that for me is a deliciouslight start to the day[Music][Applause]avocado on sourdough toast with lemonand black sesame sprinkleyou

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