Easy Chicken & Potatoes – A One-Pan Dinner!

One pan and a handful of ingredients are all you need for this easy chicken and potatoes recipe!

Hearty root veggies are lightly seasoned and added to a pan with chicken thighs to create an oven-baked meal with no fuss!

close up of Chicken and Potatoes on a baking sheet

An Easy Favorite

We love this recipe because it’s a quick way to make a roast chicken dinner.

The ingredients are easy to find and easy to prep and clean up is easy too!

We like the oven method because the veggies come out roasted, browned, and crispy, just like the chicken skins!

Ingredients and Variations

CHICKEN Choose bone-in and skin on chicken for the best flavor. We prefer thighs in this recipe but chicken breasts will work too.

POTATOES Use thin skinned potatoes (like red or yellow) or baby potatoes because they don’t need peeling and hold their shape well.

VARIATIONS This recipe is a no-fail blend of root veggies and protein that’s a whole meal in itself! For a little more color and variation, we like to substitute (or add!) sweet potatoes, turnips, or radishes.

top view of uncooked Chicken and Potatoes

How to Bake Chicken & Potatoes

This recipe comes together fast and you’ll love how great it tastes.

  1. Oil and season chicken thighs and set them aside.
  2. Combine veggies, garlic, leftover olive oil, and salt & pepper.
  3. Place seasoned vegetables on a prepared sheet pan and position chicken between vegetables. Cook according to recipe below.
Flavor Tip:  Once the meal has cooked, remove the chicken and stir the vegetables into all of the juices on the pan. This adds great flavor!

plating Chicken and Potatoes from a baking sheet

Serve with…

Busy nights call for easy, fuss free meals. This is a complete meal on one pan and can stand alone.

We sometimes add a light, crisp tossed salad, and a side of homemade french bread.


  • Chicken and potatoes reheat well in the oven or microwave.
  • Chop the leftovers and fry in the morning to serve as a breakfast hash. Top with a poached egg.

One-Dish Recipes

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Chicken and Potatoes baking with a title
close up of Chicken and Potatoes with a title
Chicken and Potatoes on a baking sheet with writing
Chicken and Potatoes cooking on s baking sheet with writing

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