4 Million Subscriber Special: American Vs. Full English Breakfast

you know they say breakfast is the mostimportant meal of the day and i don’treally know if that’s true or notscientifically i’m not sure it is thereis one complication we need to figureout here the full english breakfast oran iconic diner american breakfastis there a true winner[Music]hold up one second we have a veryimportant announcement we recently hit4 million subscribersthat’s four times what we had a year ago
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get new equipment do you have all theequipment do you need do you have likeyou have the stand mixer that i use allthe time we got one butuh i don’t know i don’t know if it’s thesame one you have the stand mixer that iuse all the time bro likedude my wife loves baking we have twostandardswow two stand mixers you’re alwayscomplainingoh josh we can’t afford it look it’sokay if you can’t afford a stand mixer
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of my heart four million i cannotexpress to you how much it means to methe team everyone involved so with allthat said let’s make this darn recipeokay so today we are making breakfasttwo different ways we’ve got the fullenglish alexa i’m not talking to youshut upi’m not even being it’s a robot justright off the bat i have a feeling i maylean more towards the full english onlybecause there’s more options but i’m notsure yet i have to make it i have to put
bring them togethertwo plates one gentleman and onemouth so with all that said let’s makethisshall we all right folks this is a trueshowdown an all-american breakfastversus a full english breakfast minusthe black pudding though because noteveryone loves it feel free to add ifyou wish now let’s begin with theall-americanof course we have to talk about baconvery simple get the thickest sliced
four people you can place four to eightsliceson a baking sheet lined with aluminumfoil pop that into a coldoven then set it to 450 degreesfahrenheit and set a timer for 20 to 25minutesand once your timer has gone off yourbacon should be a beautiful golden brownand cooked perfectly if it’s not crispyor dark enough then just leave it inthere and tell well it isup to 10 more minutes then pull that out
your bacon next up is our hash brownssnag three chunky rusted potatoes washand peel them beautifully then using abox grater grate all of your potatoesthen place them into a large bowl seasonthem with salt very generously tosstogether and you’re gonna want tosqueeze them pretty aggressively to coaxsome of that wawa out then give this anice rinse underwater drain them thenplace in a dish towel wrap that up andwring out as much water as you can fromthere just heat up a medium non-stick
vegetable oil to coat the bottom of thepanaround two and a half tablespoons oncethe pan is hot hot whoa press in some ofyour potato mixture enough to fit thatpan edge to edge then let that cook forthree to four minutes or until you get anice crust and the potatoes are halfcooked through give it a nice flip orwell as best you can then repeaton the other side once it’s a beautifulbrown on both sides and the inside iscooked through it’s done season its
with the rest of your potatoesnext up is our pancakes i find it soannoying that people go to buy box mixwhen in reality it takes literally threeto five minutes just to make your ownmix sorry to admit it but you’re savingyourself little to no time by doing thatjust a note frompapa this recipe is from my ultimatepancake guide the link for that is inthe description you make the batteroptionally let it rest then heat up alarge non-stick pan over medium heat
vegetable oil then cookthree to four quarter cup mounds ofbatter at a time for about three minutesper side or until you flip and get agorgeous dark golden brown on both sidesand the inside is fluffy and cookedthrough stack and place those to theside on a plate to keep warm as youfinish the rest for the eggs you cancook them however you want but typicallyi see them scrambled so we’re gonna dothat i call this a medium scramble notrubbery but also not super loose and
non-stick pan heat up two tablespoons ofunsalted butter until it’s meltedand bubbling crack four to six eggs intoa medium-sized bowland give those a nice whisk untilthey’re homogeneous then pour those intoyour pan then while constantly stirringwith a spatula and shaking the pan cookthese bad boys for about two to threeminutesand look when i say constantly i meanconstantly don’t stop the movementyou’ll notice that they go from creamy
curds and as soon as it’s formed curdsand there’s just a little bit of liquidleft and they aren’t total rubber removethem from the heat season a taste withsalt and optionally a little bit ofblack pepper and those are your eggslisten if your eggs do happen to gorubbery well thenpapa no hug now to plate this up wellyou’re gonna need aplate then place down your fat stackfollowed by a pad of butter some of youreggs a touch of fresh cracked black
chives add on your beautiful hash brownsand last but not least your bacon ascrunchy or floppy as you like it lookenjoy your bacon however you needdon’t let anyone tell you how to liveyour life alright so we’ve got ouramerican style breakfast contender ithink it’s time to goenglish we first must have our beandiscussion because it’s well veryimportant to this dish get a mediumsauce pot and add one and a half cups or350 milliliters of chicken stock
milliliters of water three and a halftablespoons or 53 grams of dark brownsugar two and a half tablespoons or 35grams of tomato paste a third cup or 80grams of ketchup three large cloves ofgarlic lightly crushed by hand give thema little batbow and finally add two sprigs of freshsage this was a large sprig soi did just one set the heat to mediumhigh and bring that to a boil thenimmediately reduce the temperature tolow and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes or
cans of drained navy beansand simmer for another five minutes thenseparately combine one tablespoon or 14grams of cornstarch and one and a halftablespoons or 21 gramsof water whisk together to create aslurry then stream and whisk in abouthalf of thatinto your beans let that continue toheat for a few minutes and if that’ssticky wicky to your liking then stopthereif not then add the rest of your
to taste with salt and pepper if neededand place it at the side to keep warmokay so the mushrooms and tomatoes canbe cooked in the same pan so get a largeskillet add two tablespoons of unsaltedbutter and a generous glug of extravirgin olive oil set that over mediumhigh heat just until the butter is fullymelted incut the stems off all your mushrooms ifyou wish then add them to your pan stemside up yes the whole darn thing brotherbe sure to leave enough room on the
three clusters of cherry orgrape tomatoes season the taste withsalt optionally toss in a couple sprigsof fresh thyme doesn’t that just lookbeautiful already it’s about to have meboissen now just let those cook withoutmoving them around too much for threeminutes or until the mushrooms get anice color carefully flip all yourmushrooms and cook for another threeminutesuntil the mushrooms get a nice color andthe tomatoes are softened lovely and
the side now for your meat we’re notusing regular old belly bacon youspecifically needenglish back bacon it looks like thisit’s essentially the loin from well theback of our three little pigsnow heat up a medium-sized pan overmedium-high coat the bottom with alittle bit of oil then once that’sripping hot sear off your back bacon forone to two minutes or until you get somecolor then flip and repeat on the otherside you gotta steer this quick
if done right you may consider it overbelly bacon or well maybe not it’s up toyou once you’ve seared off your desiredamount of back baconin that same pan add in some alreadycooked sausages of choice or you canboil your own from raw that’s up to youthese are miniature smoked sausages thenjust simply sear those guys on all sidesfor about one minute or take in a nicecoating of deep brown with a touch ofchar here and there about five minutestotal place those to the side to keep
think warm like a hug from last but notleast is our eggs i chose to go sunnyside up here and of course i have aspecial technique for that heat up anon-stick skillet over medium-high tossin about two tablespoons of butter letit melt completely and begin to labelcrack in 2-3 eggs and let those cookjust until the whites are set then bastethe top of your eggs with the butter toboth cook and flavor the tops then oncethe whites are fully set and the yolk isstill
and begin to assemblestart off with your hot egg men hit themwith some fresh cracked black pepperpapa’s favorite flaky salt followed by agenerous helping of your english bakedbeans your glistening sausagesseared back bacon caramelized tomatoesand roasty mushrooms oh and of coursetoast too although i couldn’t fit it onthe plate so maybe just serve that onthe side also more specifically toastgoes with both of these plates i highlyrecommend
brioche is a classy choice but there’snothing wrong with a plain white breador heck you could even go wholewheat if you desire don’t ask me how totoast the bread i hope you know in thetoasterplease okay so we have our two beautifulbreakfast gentlemennow it’s time for them to both duke itout in the octagonof flavor okay so we have ourall-american breakfaster well notall-american it’s just an american-style
eggs bacon hash browns pancakes ofcourse the american one is halfcarbohydrates and halffat but we’re gonna eat this all as oneunit so get a little bit of bacona little bit of hash one some eggthere’s nostalgicchild like flavor wait hang on that’snot what i meant to say this brings meback to my childhood that’s what i’mtrying to say stop making it weirdand maple syrup also why do they alwaysput the pancakes on this plate cause
watch what’s gonna happen when i do thisoh hellothere’s nothing better than just addinglike tree sap on my scrambled eggsthey’re fluffy they’re sweet i lovepancakes i’m a big fan of pancakes weknow what this tastes like okay ifyou’re american you know exactly whatthis tastes likethis versus the english breakfast willnostalgia winwill it no you can’t have this withouttoast just saying the beans
okay i love the beans they come withenglish breakfasti love them this is something you justkind of eat all together you know youget a little bit of egg get that yolkrunningget a piece of sausage some beansi mean this this is like a perfect mealthis is my kind of an experience lookhow many ways you can eat thisunlimited adventure so being born andraised in america i feel a little wrongsaying this personally me the eating
is superior all the different flavorsall the different textures you can eatmultiple things some with toast somewithout toast a little bit of this alittle bit of that that’s how i like toeat but the american style breakfast youcan’t forget about the beauty of apancake the beauty of a hashbrown righti’m not saying this is better than thatbut collectively as an experiencei enjoy this one more you want to knowwhat else is full of papa’sglistening sausage b-roll
ourenglish breakfast versus american stylebreakfast who is the winner at the endof the dayit’s a subjective choice really they’reboth delicious they’re both absolutelyfantastici’m not from england but i’m stillchoosing the full english because i justlike to tastemultiple things yes the american stylebreakfast offers that but there’s not asmany layers of flavor as i would want
regardless of what i say the choice isyours you pick it here’s the ingredientshere’s the recipe so with all that saidif you enjoyed this video or you learnedsomething leave a like subscribe and iwill see you[Music]you

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